L’Eau Calme Resort

Deer Ridge Cabins in Pinawa

L’Eau Calme Resort located along the scenic Winnipeg River, offers you a unique experience; the conveniences of a small town entwined with the solitude and beauty of nature. Overlooking the Winnipeg River, the view is spectacular and a daily encounter with the deer is very common. L’Eau Calme Resort overlooks the Ironwood Trail and the Pinawa Marina.

Whether you are looking for a quiet weekend getaway or a family vacation, Pinawa offers visitors the peace and tranquility of a remote cabin, and all the conveniences of a small town.  L’Eau Calme Resort is a four-season getaway.

A relaxing stay at L’Eau Calme Resort will give you wonderful memories of your wilderness escape.

Geoff Nolette and Ivale Mitchell
P: 204-806-5591

Website: http://www.leaucalme.com/contact.htm