PUBLIC NOTICE – Waterline Renewal Project Commencing

Tannis Lodge | Oct 5, 2018

Council is very pleased to report that work on the first two sections of the Waterline Renewal Project is scheduled to commence the week of October 9th. To replace the watermain on Burrows Road between Byng Crescent and Aberdeen Avenue.  Immediately upon completion of this section, the project will shift to replacing the watermain on the Hunter Crescent loop.  Work for this fall is expected to be completed by November 30.

Safety is a very high priority for any Public Works activities.  Barricades are to be respected.  Please do not move barricades or attempt to drive around them.  It is also very important that all residents stay out of the construction area.  In particular, please ensure that children stay well away from the work area.  These measures are key to ensuring the safety of our residents as well as the workers.  Disruptions to vehicle and pedestrian traffic, as well as the supply of water will be minimized whenever possible.

Residents who are affected will be notified directly with a letter with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.  Notices will also be put on and the “Channel 12” monitors throughout the town. We understand that this project may cause you some inconvenience. We appreciate your patience during this project.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the LGD Office at 204-753-5105.