Natural Habitat

Pinawa has much to offer the avid birder, wildlife photographers, or enthusiasts of wild plants.

Home to a great number of Manitoba’s Provincial Bird, Great Grey Owls are observed almost daily in the winter on the outskirts of Pinawa and along PR 211 and PR 520. A length of PR 211 has been marked with signs with the expectation that motorists will be mindful when driving through our Great Grey Owl habitat section. These diurnal birds have been observed mating in their designated habitat area.

Besides the Great Grey Owl, 300 other species of birds have been observed in the Pinawa area. A dedicated birder can find more than 100 species in the area on a single day in spring or summer, and well over 200 in the course of a year.

Pinawa is the Deer Capital of Manitoba, so you will want to be sure to keep your camera at the ready to catch a “trophy shot” of a white-tailed buck in the autumn.