Pinawa International Entrepreneurship Program

Accelerate your business in Pinawa – better, faster and cheaper

Pinawa is excited to partner with Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) to jointly promote and attract international entrepreneurs to start and develop business opportunities in Pinawa.  Through Pinawa International Entrepreneurship Program, eligible entrepreneurs will be able to move, settle, build and invest in a business in Pinawa Manitoba.

Who You Are: You are an international entrepreneur with a strong business idea and looking to develop your business in Pinawa. You need a network of specialized supports that will help you develop your business, connect you to various business resources and help you achieve your next milestone in your life.

How it Works: Pinawa International Entrepreneurship Program will assist you through the MPNP business process.

During the program, entrepreneurs will gain different types of supports from various community organizations and groups in the following way  

  • Entrepreneurship essentials
  • Business networking
  • Community engagement
  • Business training and workshops
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Business set up support  
  • Market intelligence
  • Business advisory
  • Grant application support
  • Legal Information and Advice
  • Connections to investors, customers and partners
  • Access to the ACE Project Space and Fabrication Lab
  • Advisory council
  • Investor Intelligence
  • Investor networking opportunities

Community Partners

  • Pinawa Community Development Corporation
  • Pinawa Chamber of Commerce
  • North Forge East Business and Technology Incubator
  • Eastman Immigration Service Center
  • Community Futures Winnipeg River
  • Pinawa International Business Committee

North Forge East Service for Entrepreneurs Startup Program

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