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We came from places across Canada and countries all around the world to work, retire and enjoy life in Pinawa. We are grandparents, parents, children and neighbors. Workers, homeowners, and leisure-lovers. Pinawa is a place that fosters family life and community to the fullest. We welcome new people and we enthusiastically demonstrate it with friendship and support.

Surrounded by boreal forest, sparkling lakes and vast parkland, Pinawa offers summers of sunshine and relaxation and winters of recreation. We have year-round enjoyment of crisp, clean air with spectacular animals, birds and plants you can’t find in the city. We live in harmony with nature’s pace in Pinawa.

One thing we’ve noticed is how fast newcomers begin to feel at home here. Imagine yourself in a place… where you feel at home!

At last, a community where you can feel at home, enjoy the creature comforts of the city, AND pursue recreational activities in one place. Contact us at the Pinawa LGD! 1-855-761-4650

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