Pinawa Life Newsletter

Important Announcement (December 01, 2015):  Pinawa Life Newsletter will no longer be published until further notice. To read the rest of the story go to the Pinawa Preamble in this edition.


December 2015:  We have some interesting articles about Pinawa including the full 2016 EMCA line up for concerts, and of course a photo page.  This is the last published Pinawa

September 2015:  Our fall edition contains three month’s of EMCA Concert line-ups, information regarding winter programs, information on the Pinawa Community Development Corporation (Pinawa CDC), monthly photo page and more.

June 2015:  This is the start of the Quarterly publication of the Pinawa Life Newsletter.  Check out the birthday events in the online Pinawa Preamble article.

April 2015:  We’ve captured the seasonal change from winter to spring in our monthly photo page.  You will enjoy all the articles that bring to you the Pinawa spring experience and articles on what is happening here.

March 2015: Our spring edition is now available.  Once again we have a nature article with wonderful photos, updates on the various clubs and organizations, activities coming up in April, the last EMCA concert performer for this season, and of course our monthly photo page.

February 2015:  Despite the weather this month’s newsletter features an extra photo page celebrating Hockey Manitoba’s 100 Year Event hosted by Pinawa Minor Hockey.   What a great day that was.  This month we have lots of interesting thought provoking articles, appeals for volunteers, and of course great photography.

January 2015:  Our first FREE newsletter of the year has been published to our subscribers.  They enjoy receiving information on activities, what’s coming up next month so they can mark their calendars, nature articles and stories, and information on Pinawa.  Why not subscribe for free today?

December 2014:  The last newsletter of the year and we have many interesting articles, photographs, and Christmas newsletters as we all wrap up the year.  Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from all of us in Pinawa!

October 2014:  October is an especially large newsletter with articles covering November topics such as Remembrance Day and some December topics such as the  EMCA December Concert and important dates to add to your calendar.  We have spectacular photos in the articles and if there is any doubt about the quality of Northern Pike fishing in our section of the Winnipeg River check out the article regarding the Pinawa Pike Classic held in September.    Of course we have our regular articles including how to quilt, a variety of delectable recipes, photo page and so much more.

September 2014 This month features a variety of articles about nature, activities, and other items of interest.  Of course we also have loads of photographs in most of the articles including food, quilting, nature items, monthly photo page and so much more.  We also have a very informative Mayor’s Message which is a must read.

August 2014  Summer is almost over and fall and winter activities are starting.  Here you will find the entire EMCA season of concerts, Badminton News, Pinawa Players November Dinner and Theatre, why international visitors are stopping in Pinawa and all our regular editions plus more on the life we have in Pinawa.

July 2014  You’ll love our 51st Birthday Edition, complete with a Birthday Photo page.  There are articles of interest for all including a contest for all Manitobans  from Food Matters Manitoba.  We include a recipe page, the devastation of the July long weekend storm, a birding article, a photographer’s secret on how to photograph nature, photos of the month and many more articles.

June 2014 Congratulations to the Pinawa Grads!  We have outdone ourselves in articles and photographs for this month.  If you are nature lovers you will delight in the Pinawa Photo Page and the article Jumping in June.  We also recognized our regional partners and the volunteers of Pinawa.  Enjoy!

May 2014  We have a variety of articles this month ranging from nature activities to cultural activities, active lifestyle activities such as gardening; updates on a few of the organizations in town and of course from snow to sunshine in our photo page.

April 2014  Aaahh spring is here so help us celebrate Pinawa’s Volunteers, businesses, and the ACT Festival which will soon be here.  Lots of regular features and new ones with loads of photos which are a tribute to nature and our life in Pinawa.

March 2014  As people are starting out on their School Spring break, if you are at home, check out our recipe page for easy and filling recipes for family and guests.  We have lots of photos for you to enjoy and many articles about Pinawa and future events.  We may even have the start of a national fun day for all to participate in!

February 2014   The month of February has been one of the coldest in years but that does not stop Pinawanians from enjoying outdoor sports and actually has increased activity levels in indoor sports!   We have many articles of what has been happening here and in the region; we continue to carry articles on nature with many photographs for you to enjoy both of nature, and can you believe it, gardening in the home.   Don’t forget to check out our regular columns and the photo page; enjoy.

January  2014  We begin the new year off with two nature articles with photos, a chilly looking photo page, regular submissions such as the recipe page, Badminton News, Quilters’ Corner, The Biblio File, a Mayor’s Message, and another “Where Are They Now” plus more…

December  2013  The Birthday year is coming to a close and this is our last edition for 2013.  Pinawa’s citizens are so talented!  This month features two stories of “budding” is that the correct term for writers.  I am sure you will enjoy them.  Lots of “tweeting about birds in this newsletter and of course loads of photographs.  Remember you can subscribe for free to get your monthly edition.  Happy New Year!

November  2013   Pinawa Remembers in a special manner this year.  We have the latest on the December EMCA concert, activities during December, lots of photos and a variety of topics in articles to satisfy almost everyone.

October 2013   We have two Mayor’s Messages and three Business Buzz articles plus articles and photos and of course our photo page this month.  Have a safe Hallowe’en evening!

September 2013   This month we feature some amusing nature stories with photos.  We have jobs and job training and some latest event news. Don’t forget to check out all the articles for the photos and the monthly photo page.

August  2013   News galore as we all head back to the reality of school, education and training and also signing up for fitness classes, sports, and the EMCA Concerts.  Tim Horton camp is starting to be developed, KRAFT is back with a cheque and so many photos and articles about Pinawa you will want to read this newsletter from the first article to the last.  Don’t forget we have the September upcoming events as well.

July  2013   This is our big Birthday edition with hundreds of photos and articles on the various events that were held.  Enjoy.

June  2013   This newsletter is contains an event listing for July and all the events that have been registered for the Birthday Weekend.  You will also find articles loaded with photos, activities, and news of a local who is winning  A Volunteer Of The Year Award.

May 2013   May is bringing flowers and showers to our area, fawns are being born and everyone is happy to see green again.  This newsletter is loaded with photos, of course,  events in June, and a timely warning by the government to be Bear Aware.

March To April  2013   You would expect this to be an extra long newsletter since it covers two months!  You will find instead some activities that have recently happened in Pinawa; a Mayor’s Message, a daring rescue by Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, two months worth of Quilters Corners and many more interesting articles.  Are you up for conserving water?  check this newsletter out for some great tips and reference materials.

February 2013 This month features what an amazing community we live in!  There is an extra page of photographs from the Winter Gala and articles on two of the big events for February.  If you are into nature you certainly will want to check out the results of the 16th annual backyard bird count and our photo page of the month.  Next newsletter (March/April) will be coming out at the end of April.

January 2013   Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Pinawa!  This month has lots of information on what is happening for our planned Winter Gala Feb 2nd and 3rd. Lots of photos, articles, information on the Great Backyard Bird Count and so much more.

December 2012   The last newsletter for 2012!  Loaded with news of Pinawa and events plus Christmassy events in the region.  Want to know what is happening in Pinawa in January?  Well check out the front page of the Pinawa Life Newsletter.  We have so many interesting articles this month such as the Mayor’s Message and the first edition of the LGD Quarterly Newsletter, Whiteshell Provincial Park news, and photos so enjoy.

November 2012   Want to know what is happening in Pinawa in December?  Well check out the front page of the Pinawa Life Newsletter than let you eye wander through the many articles about events, local citizens, nature, recipes, and Adult Education Course.

October 2012   Another packed addition this month.  Lots of events and what is coming up in November. We have articles on nature, Pinawa Foundation, Orville Acres Arena, the new EMCA Concert happening on the 2nd of November, and the exciting shooting of an Age Friendly Video on October 26th.  We are overloaded with photos which included our beautiful surroundings, the October storm and nature, Recipes, Quilters, Adult Education Courses,  and so much more.

September  2012    A packed edition this month with articles on nature with , of course loads of photos; Mayor’s Message on Odds & Ends & Shaw, Events,  Quilters, Adult Education Courses, Recipes, and so much more.

August 2012    So many articles, so many new announcements: EMCA Season, Pinawa’s latest International Trail, Volunteer opportunities, The Fender Benders, Adult Education Courses, Recipes, and so much more.  Plus you will find many photographs to delight you.

July 2012  It’s all here photos of the birthday bash, important TRAIL UPDATES in the Pinawa Preamble,  and articles with photos about life and nature.   Plus cool recipes for that BBQ weather. Enjoy

June 2012  You’ll find event information for the birthday weekend in the Pinawa Preamble, articles and pictures of Age Friendly week with the award that Pinawa won, nature , of public interest, and newsy articles. Plus our readers’ favourite of course and that is lots of photos of nature and scenery in Pinawa.

May 2012  Lots of reviews of events, a public notice from Manitoba Conservation, interesting articles on events coming up and what people have come to expect and that is lots of photos of nature and scenery in Pinawa.

April 2012  Don’t forget to check out all the photos of birds and nature surrounding Pinawa.  We have exciting articles and all the events happening in May so you can plan your month ahead of time.

March   2012   Current news, updates and activities.  Lots of great photos and check out that “catch of the day!” in the March Photo page.

February  2012 There is so much going on this month!  Current news and updates until March on the 15th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count and for small communities Pinawa is Number 1!.   We are once again full of interesting news  about Pinawa,  recipes featuring THREE Guest Chefs,  and lots of  photos.

January 2012 Happy New Year  everyone!  The first  newsletter of 2012;  a bit early but full of interesting news  about Pinawa,  recipes for potlucks, news releases, and lots of wildlife photos.

December  2011 The last  newsletter for 2011 and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year in 2012.  Check out this newsletter for more entertaining recipes, news releases, what happened at the Winter Town Market, lots of wildlife photos and so much more.

November  2011 Second last article for 2011 and we can feel the clock ticking towards the new year.  Check out this newsletter for more recipes, news releases, updates on the Arena, volunteer opportunities and the latest news fro the government concerning highway travel.  We are featuring warm soups baked items and Christmas drinks and food gifts.  Lots of wildlife and sunrises are the photographic treats for November.

October  2011  One more of our regular contributors has returned for this month and if you are interested in skiing check out the Whiteshell Cross-country Ski Club’s plans for the next skiing season and of course more contributions from a variety of writers with more photos of Pinawa.  Our October recipe page features wild recipes and some great soups and desserts.  Don’t forget If you would like to be a guest chef just send us your recipe, a few photos of the food you have prepared, and some information about yourself (if you would like).

September  2011This month features lots of information on the various organizations in Pinawa; news, events, and interesting items.  More of our regular contributors have returned and of course many of our articles have our much appreciated photos of Pinawa.  Our September recipe page features 3 guest chefs.  If you would like to be a guest chef just send us your recipe, a few photos of the food you have prepared, and some information about yourself (if you would like).

August 2011 Congratulations to Pinawa as we are one of the finalists in the Manitobaville Contest; find out more and vote for Pinawa!  We have more news, trail alerts, articles of interests with lots of photos.  Of course we have our great recipe pages especially if you like to BBQ.

July 2011 Pinawa News a double photo page which includes photos from the 48th Pinawa Birthday, results of the Pinawa Amazing Race, trail update and much more including  interesting nature articles,  and recipes.

June 2011 Pinawa News a double photo page, events, interesting articles,  recipes, and more.

May 2011 Pinawa News and Province of Manitoba Announcements, photos, recipes, and more.

March/April  2011 A very large issue because of a combined month.  Trail updates, Pinawa news and events, photo page and so much more you will be glad that you checked this month’s issue out!.

February 2011 We  continue again with  Birder information and lots of great photos. The Recipe columns  in printable files are now all entered on the front page. We have a public warning for folks that like to use the snowmobile trails and ski trails cross the Diversion Dam.   Don’t forget to look at our wonderful pictures of life in Pinawa in the monthly  photo page.

January 2011 The first newsletter of the year is for the birds or should that be Birders!  The Recipe columns are being featured in printable files on the front page.  Don’t forget to look at our wonderful pictures of life in Pinawa in the monthly  photo page.

December 2010 The last newsletter of the year reveals new beginnings! The Recipe columns are now featured in printable files.  Our photo page continues to show some amazing photos of the Pinawa deer and scenery.

November 2010 As we move to the first day of winter our photo shots depict this process.  We have many articles from soup to skiing with a new contributor and  a welcome back to the Jackrabbit Corner and the Whiteshell Ski Club.  If you are looking for special diet Christmas baking ideas as well as other recipes we have it here!

October  2010  The beautiful month of October has provided wonderful shots for the variety of articles we feature.  Great recipes, event information, who won the race and so much more in this month’s newsletter.

September 2010   This month’s newsletter features loads of photographs of the TSN/KRAFT Celebrations, nature photos, a variety of interesting articles that will suit your interests and curiosity about Pinawa. This month’s page features the Celiac challenge in the September recipe page.

July/August 2010   This month’s newsletter features loads of photographs of the birthday weekend, a variety of interesting articles; on recipes, birding, Art in the Garden, and upcoming events.

June 2010   This month features More Business Award Winners and features on sports, recipes, nature, new featured articles with information on the June Celebrity Golf Tournament, Birthday Weekend Events, and a challenge for all you fishers!  Don’t forget to check out our Pinawa Photo page as well.

May 2010 There are lots of articles to be read in this month’s issues, news releases, warnings about wild animals and babies, 3 pages of recipes, lots of photographs of fawns, and a whole bunch more to suite your pleasures.

April 2010 Be sure to check out the Pinawa TransCanada Trail conditions in Nancy’s Notes On Nature.  More winners in Pinawa, great photos, recipes, interesting articles including how to grow mushrooms, and Peter Taylor is once again sending us his Nature’s Dialogue.

March 2010 This newsletter is loaded with breaking news and News Releases.  You’ll find lots of great photographs sprinkled throughout the newsletter and our congratulations to the Winners of  the RV Show Draw plus Pinawa Bus Depot Volunteers Winners of the Premier Volunteer Group Award and a Pinawa resident is honoured with an Environment Canada award.

February 2010 The Ski Club page features articles on before and during the Big Triple Cup event plus Jackrabbits and their antics, recipes for St. Paddy’s Day, an award winning business in Pinawa, photo page with lots of nature photos, Nancy Notes On Nature photo gallery of deer faces and so much more.

January 2010 This month features over 20 articles ranging from recipes that are designed to keep you warm and a Valentine’s Evening Menu, nature, sports and special interest stories such as the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation.  Check out what’s up for February.

December 2009 Don’t forget to enter your 5 favourite pics from the last year in our FREE contest.  All you    have to do is look at the 2009 Pinawa Photo Pages in our newsletter and email your pics to us.  Lots of news, safety, tips, 2010 EMCA concert and humorous stories.

November 2009 A month for Remembrance; articles on Victory Kitchens and heroes, recipes for the holidays and entertaining, Pinawa Photo Page is loaded with the famous Pinawa Mascots.  Enter the Favourite 2009 Photo Contest deadline January 10, 2010.

October 2009 Congratulations to Pinawa Citizens who have received awards.  On Getting Lost! in Pinawa, Pinawa Project and much more.

September 2009 This month is loaded with news and recipes.  Nancy’s Notes contains Pinawa CDC information on the All Things Pinawa informational evening in October – see you there!

August 2009 Hairy High Waters has a High Water Advisory for Whiteshell and Nopiming Parks.  Lots of fun articles with pictures for this month.

July 2009 Check out the Pinawa Photo Page for birthday pictures. This month features lots of updates from Community Committees, the answers to the Peculiar Plant Photo contest, and Trail updates.

May/June 2009 Some Birthday Weekend details, Fawn Pictorial, 2 photo pages, and a record number of articles.

April 2009 Answers to the March Mysteries Photo Contest and April Fool’s Photo Contest is now waiting for your entries. Fishing Tips #2,  Pinawa Housing Corporation wins an award, and a Companion Memorial Page.

March 2009 Introducing a new contest.  Enter to win!  Fishing Tips from a Pro plus many more articles.

February 2009 Pinawa Quiz answers and results of the Backyard Bird Count plus more.

January 2009 January’s Photo Page features favourite reader picks and take the Pinawa Quiz.

December 2008 Learn who won the Favourite Pinawa Photo Picks.

November 2008 Details for an easy contest,   enter your favourite photos from the Pinawa Life Photo pages last chance to enter is December 15, 2008.    Also Manitoba Christmas Bird Count Dates (Nancy’s Notes)

October 2008

September 2008 Editor’s Notes – link to Pinawa   – Twelve Years Later  (Len Simpson)

July/August 2008

June 2008 Check this newsletter for the Birthday Weekend schedule  (Nancy’s Notes)

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