School District of Whiteshell

The School District of Whiteshell was created specifically to provide superior educational facilities for the children of Pinawa and the surrounding communities.

Their mission is:

“To provide quality education in partnership with home and community to enable students to achieve their individual potentials as responsible members of society.”

School District Of Whiteshell Calendars

The School District of Whiteshell consists of one Elementary School and one Secondary School.

  • Pinawa Secondary School 204-753-2381
  • F.W. Gilbert School 204-753-2559


A Day Care is also available for young families at the Children’s Place Co-op Day Care (204-753-2660).

F.W. Gilbert Elementary School provides the Kindergarten to Grade 6 program. Pinawa Secondary School provides the program for students in Grades 7-12.

The District continues to provide a full range of programs from Kindergarten to Grade 12 which includes at the appropriate grade levels:

  • Resource Teachers to provide adapted, modified and individual programs as identified by Manitoba Education
  • Speech, Occupational and Physiotherapist, Social Worker and Psychological Services
  • Early Start French K-3 and basic French Language Instruction Grades 4-12
  • Music Specialist with vocal and band class and extracurricular programs
  • Physical Education class and extracurricular programs
  • Guidance Counsellor
  • Industrial Vocation and Home Economics courses, Business and Work Education Programs, and an approved curriculum of hockey credit courses intertwined with regular high school classes.

F.W. Gilbert Elementary

In September 2012 both schools were organized into a “Balanced School Day”. This organization breaks the day into three instructional blocks separated by two nutrition activity breaks (referred to as “NAB” at the high school and “recess” at the elementary school).

F. W. Gilbert reorganized classes into combined grades to ensure adequate class sizes to support collaborative and inquiry based learning. Likewise, Pinawa Secondary School also organized Grades 7 and 8 students into two combined classes. In Grades 9 – 12 student instruction is organized into core classes: Math, Sciences, and English Language Arts/Social Studies. The students are also organized into combined classes with a teacher mentor to assist each student in learning how to plan and organize their work (POM). This same mentor will follow each child through Grades 9 to 12. Instructional time is also allocated for students who wish to pursue optional credits and for student self-directed learning.

P. O. Box 86
Telephone: (204) 753-2559
Fax: (204) 753-2506

Pinawa Secondary School

Pinawa Secondary School is a Grade 7 to Senior 4 School. It combines a positive school climate with strong academic offerings, a wide variety of optional courses, and a wealth of extracurricular activities.

Grade 7 and 8 students have access to options including Industrial Arts, Home Economics, Art, Band and French. Senior students have options, which include Mathematics, Sciences, English, Business, French, Home Economics, Art, Concert Band, Jazz Combo, Woodworking, Keyboarding, Drafting, Physical Education Leadership Program, Accounting, Computer Science, Visions and Ventures, Human Development and Law.

Students supplement their academic background with other activities that connect them to the real world in programs like Junior Achievement, business courses, life-skills courses, and exposure to guest speakers, field trips and job shadowing. The Talent Development Programs offers a one-day workshop per semester for students to explore areas of particular interest, such as photography, videography, and bike repair to provide a few examples.

All students receive a course in Career Education, which spans the four years from Senior 1 to Senior 4. This includes career exploration, work experience, and preparing an Employability Skills Portfolio.

Students from Pinawa Secondary School have managed to obtain well above average pass rates on the Math 40S and English 40S provincial exams.

The Senior Reach Team won the Manitoba Provincial title in 1999 for the third time in four years. The Intermediate Reach Team won the first ever Provincial Championships in 1999.

20 Vanier Drive
Telephone: (204) 753-2381
Fax: (204) 753-2237

Winnipeg River Learning Centre

Contact Winnipeg RLC at Box 250 #3 Walnut Street, Powerview-Pine Falls, MB R0E 1M0 204-367-2761

Youth Groups

  • Children’s Place Co-op
  • Pinawa Parent Group Committee
  • Parent Advisory Councils
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Pinawa Vanier Teen Centre
  • Pinawa Youth Group