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In Motion Community

Pinawa is a registered Manitoba in motion community. To be an in motion community means that residents and organizations/groups within the community believe in the benefits of physical activity. The recreational opportunities available here appeal to a broad spectrum of interests.

Year-round recreational activities

With an amazing wealth of recreation opportunities on the shores of the Winnipeg River, Goldeneye Pass, and the Pinawa Channel, Pinawa offers an overwhelming number of outdoor activities to residents and visitors. Our town is home to one of Manitoba’s best golf courses, and offers many year-round leisure activities such as sailing, canoeing, fishing, hiking, swimming, snowmobiling, curling, and cross-country skiing.

Arts/Culture events and groups

Pinawa is home to many artistic works and cultural endeavors. A wide variety of enriching entertainment ranging from local interest presentations at the Pinawa Public Library, productions by the theatrical Pinawa Players group, and the professional musical entertainment hosted by Eastern Manitoba Concert Association will keep you occupied.


Pinawa has been chosen as a pilot community for Manitoba’s Age Friendly Initiative.

An age-friendly community:

  • Recognizes the diversity among older Manitobans
  • Encourages healthy, active aging
  • Supports the contributions of older Manitobans
  • Promotes the participation of older Manitobans in all aspects of our community
  • Engages stakeholders in building age-friendly communities
  • Creates accessible, safe environments for older adults
  • Treats people of all ages with respect

Everyone Benefits

  • Secure neighbourhoods are safe for children, women and older adults.
  • Older adults receive services and supports they need.
  • Barrier-free buildings and streets enhance the mobility for people of all abilities, and all ages.
  • The whole community benefits from the participation of older persons in volunteer or paid work and civic activities

Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts

Our community is set in a breathtaking natural location that is home to hundreds of wild bird species, forest animals, and wild plants. With many hiking trails, a provincial park, and amazing shorelines, outdoor activity is so easily accessible, that it becomes a natural part of life for nearly everyone here.

Perfect for families

We offer excellent local schools right in town (K – 12), and countless extracurricular opportunities are available that are great for all ages. Our schools and community as a whole offer a safe and nurturing environment with a heavy emphasis on support and friendship across all age groups.

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