Channel Float


The Channel Float is an attraction open to the public.   It is located within the LGD of Pinawa but it is not owned or operated by the LGD of Pinawa.  

Use of this waterway and trails are at your own risk.


Enjoy a 2-3 hour-long relaxing and scenic tube float down the Pinawa Channel, where you can take in the beauty of nature around you.

The channel access point is at the end of Highway 211 across the Diversion Dam and the exit point is where you will see a landing area on your left (near the Suspension Bridge).  There are no other exit points after the bridge, so please be sure to exit there. 


Parking is available at the Suspension Bridge Parking Lot and also at the end of Highway 211 (Diversion Dam).  The fee for parking is $11 per vehicle. Please purchase your parking pass at the meters in the parking lots and display on your dash.  Meters only accept Credit Cards. 

Please see below map for more information.

General Guidelines to keep all users safe and the environment clean. 

  1. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted on the river. 
  2. Life jackets are highly recommended. 
  3. Do not litter or vandalize property. Help keep our river clean! 
  4. Do not exit the float prior to the exit point at the Suspension Bridge. 
  5. Exiting onto the golf course is not permitted, as it is a safety concern and is trespassing on private property. 
  6. Shallow waters. No jumping or diving allowed in the channel.


The following are private businesses that offer a variety of services to utilize the channel float.  Please contact them directly for more information on their services. 

Pinawa Float and Paddle
Text: 204-751-0405

Pinawa Motel
2 Vanier Avenue
204-753-2357; Toll Free 1-866-858-3556

Pinawa Unplugged Eco Tours