Living with Wildlife

Pinawa is a Bear Smart community, meaning we live with a variety of wildlife and must exercise caution. The only wildlife that is allowed to be fed in Pinawa is birds; animals such as deer are not to be fed at any time.  Please refer to our Wildlife - Feeding of Deer By-law for more information. It is recommended you put your refuse out the morning of your garbage day and always have it in a can with a tight fitting lid.  

Wildlife Smart information and publications are available by visiting the following government websites at:

Wildlife Human Interactions
Sustainable Development – Fact Sheets and Brochures
Do not Feed the Deer Handout
Wildlife Smart - Coexistence of Pets and Wildlife
Wildlife Smart - Are You Feeding Wildlife?
Be Bear Smart Poster

Lyme Disease Protocol

Whether you are an avid Birder or just an interested observer, an amateur wildlife photographer, or a passionate gardener with a fascination for observing wild plants; Pinawa and the surrounding environs have something for everyone to discover. 

Winter and summer brings its rewards to the patient wildlife enthusiast, as some of the timid creatures such as owls or even wolves can be observed more readily. Being the Deer Capital of Manitoba almost guarantees seeing a white-tailed buck in the fall or a doe nursing fawns in the spring so keep your camera loaded and ready to roll.

Almost 400 species of birds have been found in Manitoba, and over 300 have been seen in the Pinawa area. A dedicated birder can find more than 100 species in the area on a single day in spring or summer, and well over 200 in the course of a year. From mid-April on you can expect to see a few of the 20 species of warblers, Scarlet Tanagers, Philadelphia Vireos, Alder, Great-crested, Yellow-bellied, and Olive-sided flycatchers. A variety of migratory woodpeckers, eagles, osprey, and waterfowl either pass through Pinawa or begin nesting. Even in winter, more than 20 species can be found at feeders and in the forest on a good day. An unprotected feeder is sure to capture the attention of not only birds, but also deer, red and grey squirrels, and occasionally raccoons, with bears being an unwelcome guest from May to early November. 

There are approximately 50 types of mammals with at least 10 being rare such as the cougar and mule deer. Don’t forget the insects, as some are very beautiful such as the varieties of Dragon and Damsel Flies and the 63 varieties of butterflies. There are also quite a few amphibians such as the Blue-spotted Salamander and reptiles. You will find the Red-sided garter snake is common in the crevasses of the granite.

It is not uncommon to find a deer that has passed away due to extreme cold or some other reason.  Below are the protocols to be followed:

  • If the deer is found on private property residents are responsible for safe disposal.  Contact Conservation in Lac du Bonnet at 204-345-1444.
  • If a deceased deer is found on LGD Property please call the LGD of Pinawa Public Works Department at 204-753-5106 for safe disposal.  

Please DO NOT deposit in garbage containers for LGD pickup.