Summer Information

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The Pinawa Channel Heritage Walk north of PR 211 and the Pinawa Channel is accessed either by the suspension bridge on Alice Chambers Trail or the Manitoba Hydro diversion dam east of Pinawa and at the end of PR 211. This trail has a separate summer and winter route.

This section of the Trans Canada Trail is designed for three seasons. Look for symbols of spring, summer, and fall and you will know you are on the correct trail. Remember there are other intersecting ski trails that you will see as you hike along this section. For your own safety please do not go off the signed main trail.


The Ironwood Park and Trail, follows the course of the Winnipeg River, highlighting

terrestrial and aquatic natural areas. It was named after the stand of “Ironwood” trees found in the public park. These trees are rare in Manitoba and represent the northern and western limits of their North American distribution.

The Ironwood Park and Trail is wheelchair accessible, with picnic tables and benches along the way summer and winter. Many specifically designed interpretive signs with an Ironwood hop and leaf describe flora, fauna, and the history of Pinawa.


Please NO Smoking or open fires on our trails. Be aware that Manitoba Government will dictate trail closures when extreme fire conditions exist.

Be Bear Aware and alert for other predators, skunks, and porcupines while on the Pinawa Trails.

Please be sure you know the trails, lengths, and designated use.


Ebikes (pedal-assist only, no throttle-only bikes) and mobility scooters are allowed on Pinawa’s various sections of the TCT

Motorized vehicles such as motor bikes, scooters, ORVs/ATVs, and other non-pedal assisted vehicles are not permitted on the Pinawa TCT except on the 2.9km Alice Chambers Trail travelling on the west side with speed restrictions.

Keep your distance from animals; don’t feed them as they may become aggressive looking for more.

Carry everything out with you that you brought in.


CYCLISTS please alert hikers that you are approaching and slow down to pass with caution on any of the hiking trails. A cyclist haves the right of way over the hiker if it's a narrow path, heavily treed area, or steep terrain. When cycling in a group, it is common courtesy to let the hikers know how many cyclists are behind them. Anticipate wild animals and other trail users.


HIKERS/RUNNERS/WALKERS when in a group should move to one side when meeting or passing other trail users. Anticipate wild animals and other trail users.


DOGS should be under control or your command at all times. Remember bears and wolves will follow your pet back to you!     Dogs on the Ironwood Trail must be on a leash within the town limits. Please do not leave waste doggie bags on the trail or in the trees. Please use garbage receptacles to dispose of the bags.