Winter Information



In winter on the Pinawa Channel Heritage Walk follow the snowflake signs for your newest Pinawa outdoor experience. Our Winter Hiking/Biking Trail is designed to keep non skiers off the Whiteshell Cross-country Ski Club’s Red Ski Trail. Wandering through a variety of landscapes you will enjoy the crisp and quiet winter landscape. The winter trail is irregular and narrow which winds along the channel, over rocks, and through a sheltering forest. The west part of the trail involves a short trek over a marsh that may or may not be sufficiently frozen depending on the winter month you are hiking or biking so please be cautious. You can still have a pleasant outing from the suspension bridge to the marsh as you simply return the way you came. The walk from the diversion dam and return is longer than the suspension bridge to marsh outing.

The winter hiking/biking trail map and brochure is available here. Winter Trans Canada Trail Map 


More winter trails to experience are the Willis West TCT section (2.1km) and the Ironwood Park and Trail (4.0km) which skirts the perimeter of Pinawa along the historic Winnipeg River.


At the trailheads pick up a map or download one from  Familiarize yourself with the terrain and exit points.

The complete distance of the Pinawa Channel Heritage Winter Hiking/Biking Trail is 3.5 km when the marsh is frozen. When it is very cold be sure you and your party are able to complete that distance.

Take water, a snack, and a phone; be aware that No Open Fires are allowed and no refuse, including food items, are to be left near or on the trail.

Stay on the Trail. Do not go off trail or create new trails in the snow. This is a safety issue as other users may become lost. Our narrow discreet trails were designed for less disturbance of wildlife and less environmental impact.


Do not travel on trails that are leading to open water or marshy swampy terrain especially when yellow or brown ice or snow is present. DANGER turn back!


Don’t Block the Trail. When taking a break, move to the side of the trail.

Regardless of how you are travelling and following established trail etiquette, stay to the right, overtake, and pass on the left.

Keep dogs under control or on leash. Other trail users may be frightened by dogs or be unsure how to pass safely. All dogs must be leashed on the Ironwood TCT section (in the townsite) of Pinawa.


CYCLISTS have the right of way over a hiker on our winter trail, in heavily treed areas, or steep terrain. Hikers, please step aside for cyclists in these situations. Cyclists, please slow down and pass with caution.


SNOWSHOEING is best on winter trails that are covered in unpacked snow deeper than 8 inches or 20 cm. Snowshoers give way to cyclists and hikers, uphill and downhill. Do not snowshoe on ski trails or go off an established trail as this may mislead other hikers/bikers. For more of an adventure try Westdal Way towards Old Pinawa.


HIKERS when there is a hill, hikers going up the hill have the right of way over hikers going down the hill. When hiking in a group, always hike single file. Hikers, please yield to cyclists in steep terrain or forested areas.