Snow Removal Information

Winter is a beautiful time of year in Pinawa, but we can get a lot of snow! It is important to understand the process.

The Local Government District of Pinawa, Public Works Department is responsible for clearing of snow and maintenance of roads during the winter months.  This policy outlines the tasks, priorities and procedures that are followed.  Any snow clearing, or associated work, is to be done during normal working hours, unless the work follows an Emergency Situation and is authorized by the Mayor or Resident Administrator or applicable designate.

Snow Clearing Priorities

Snow will be cleared from the streets connecting the hospital and the fire hall (Vanier and Burrows). This will be extended to the streets where medical doctors providing emergency services reside. Access to other municipal facilities such as the water treatment plant and sewage lift station will then be provided. The main arteries Burrows, Vanier, Aberdeen, Cameron, Devonshire, Alexander, Massey, Dufferin, Morris, Grey, Dalhousie and Hunter will be cleared with equal priority, to allow the most efficient operation of snow clearing equipment. Finally, the residential streets will be cleared in an order selected to provide access for the most residents as soon as possible, but, considering efficient flow of the snow clearing equipment.

Related Tasks And Priorities

Pushing back snow banks during periods of high snow accumulation, clearing services such as hydrants, lamp posts and transformers, sanding streets and intersections, hauling snow when necessary and custom work.

Winter conditions create challenges for both pedestrians and motorists. The LGD of Pinawa’s main objective is to provide safe, passable roads and sidewalks so residents can travel throughout the Town in a safe and efficient manner during the winter months.

The Public Works Department makes every effort to ensure that the Town’s roads and sidewalks are safe.

How Residents Can Help

In the event of a snowfall, residents are asked to do their best to refrain from parking on the street, in order that the Public Works Department can do their best to clear the streets.  The continued cooperation of the public is respectfully requested to assist Public Works in snow removal.

You can assist by:

  • Obeying “No Parking” signs
  • Removing inoperative vehicles from streets
  • Shoveling snow onto your own property, please do not shovel snow onto Town streets