The Winnipeg River and the Pinawa Channel are great sites for boating, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. While you’re in your canoe, kayak or boat, a remarkable amount of wildlife can be seen from the Pinawa waterways including bald eagles, moose, and deer. Pinawa offers several boat launches, and a marina with visitor parking.

For availability of slips at the Marina or if you are looking to rent a spot on one of our many canoe racks along the waterfront, please contact the Municipal Office at 204-753-5108 or

To legally operate a motorized boat in Manitoba, you must get your BOATsmart! Boating License (also called a Pleasure Craft Operator Card or PCOC). Your Manitoba Boating License can be used to operate a recreational motorized boat in any of Canada’s provinces & territories, where motorized boating is permitted. Visit the BOATsmart website for more information.

The following businesses offer a variety of recreational services.

Pinawa Float and Paddle
Text: 204-751-0405

Pinawa Motel
2 Vanier Avenue
204-753-2357; Toll Free 1-866-858-3556

Pinawa Sailing and Rowing Club
Memberships and/or Lessons:

Pinawa Unplugged Eco Tours

Wilderness Edge Retreat and Conference Centre
32 Burrows Road