Council and Resident Administrator

Local Government District of Pinawa Council

October 2022 - October 2026

Back Row (L-R) Sue Appleyard, Deputy Mayor Rhonda Henschell 
Michael King, Jason Tirschman
                 Front Row (L-R) Mayor Blair Skinner, Resident Administrator Trudy Turchyn

Blair Skinner, Mayor
(204) 753-2199

Rhonda Henschell, Deputy Mayor
(204) 753-2358

Jason Tirschman, Councillor
(204) 403-4034

Appleyard Sue, Councillor
(204) 340-5149

Michael King, Councillor
(204) 272-7035

Trudy Turchyn, Resident Administrator
(204) 753-5105

Council Appointments to Standing Committees

Council Code of Conduct