Emergency Measures Services

Emergency Measures Officer
Mike Purtill
Box 100, Pinawa, MB R0E 1L0

Local Government District of Pinawa Emergency Plan

The Local Government District of Pinawa Emergency Measures Department is comprised of an Emergency Measures Officer who engages the services and skills of other employees, volunteers, and businesses as required.

A disaster is considered an event that may result in serious harm to the safety, health and welfare of people or property. Emergency Measures is responsible for developing and maintaining the municipal emergency plan, providing emergency management training and ensuring that the Town can continue with critical services and programs during and following a disaster. 

Should there be a situation that may threaten the safety of people, property, or the environment a siren will be used to warn the community. The siren, located at the Vanier Centre, is tested the first Wednesday of every month at 3:00 pm.

It is important that residents be prepared for a disaster that may affect them by having food and shelter for at least 72 hours. You should be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for a minimum of 72 hours.  For more information including how you can create an inexpensive kit, see our Emergency Preparedness Factsheets:

Emergency Go Kits   

Emergency Vehicle Kit   

First Aid Kit   

Home Emergency Supplies   

Residential Checklist 

Flood Insurance

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Wildfire Information

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When you hear the siren other than its normal test day, you are to go inside and await further instruction and information. 

Information on severe weather can be gathered via local TV and Radio networks and social media.

Information will be sent several ways;

  • The LGD Website, 
  • The LGD Facebook Page, 
  • The EMO Twitter Feed, 
  • Mass Notification System which includes land line, cell and text notifications and if required, door to door! 

Tune in to local Weather and news channels on you TV and Radio as well.

The Siren located on Vanier Drive will be tested on the first Wednesday’s of the month @ 3:00 pm

The siren is typically activated by the Municipal Emergency Coordinator or designated staff of the LGD of Pinawa

The Siren is an outdoor warning system designed only to alert those who are outside that something dangerous is approaching and to go indoors and await further information or direction.

When life-threatening weather or other hazards are approaching, minutes or even seconds could make a difference. 

If people are unsure or confused about an alert, they may not respond quickly or appropriately. 

By adopting common outdoor warning system guidelines, confusion will be eliminated, response time will be reduced, and lives will be saved.

To avoid confusion the siren will only sound when a hazard is approaching. 

People should be indoors and monitoring local media for updates on the approaching hazard. 

When the hazard or situation is stable, then you will be notified of an all clear.