Pinawa provides unique opportunities for business development and expansion, limited only by imagination… and imagination is unlimited in Pinawa!

With our experience and innovation, a history to build on, and fresh ground to break, you can join a legacy of community members who have made scientific breakthroughs, invented exciting new products, and launched global companies. With this level of prosperity come many opportunities for smaller scale and home-based operations.

Pinawa’s top priorities are to maintain flourishing business sectors and nurture an outstanding quality of life.

Our prosperity is a result of our rich natural resource base, the abundant clean water and air all around us as well as the wealth we have created through enterprising and creative economic activity. Here in Pinawa, jobs, income and investment create and sustain good fortune for all citizens.

Along with an abundance of existing and potential infrastructure on commercial and industrial land, our community offers valuable municipal tax incentives and an opportunity to succeed alongside many other innovators in business.